oem partner


OEM Partner

Carnot Corporation spares no efforts to be an attractive business partner. We believe that only through complete commitment and involvement can a company ensure mutual satisfaction for both itself and its partner.


Why become an OEM Partner?

Becoming an OEM Partner gives you the opportunity to enhance your offer with a line of premium leather goods which stand out from the competition with quality, design and finish. This allows you to:
    • Diversify your offer and open on new clients
    • Offer an outstanding, premium product
    • Gain a reliable, dedicated business partner


Attractive Possibilities

By becoming an OEM Partner of Carnot Corporation, you can offer our range of products both under your Private Label and by White Labeling.

This means that you will be able to expand not only your existing product portfolio but also the markets and customer bases which were previously unavailable to you, without the correct product.

Many of our customers have already become OEM Partners of Carnot Corporation – join them and discover the new possibilities!