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Full-grain Leather

SURAZO products are made from full-grain leather created only from European cowhides. This gives you the certainty that our products offer the highest quality money can buy.


If you would like to gain more knowledge regarding the differences in leather quality, an article issued in Business Inside explains it at length. To summarize, there are 3 types of leather:


1. Full-grain Leather (top quality)
2. Top-grain Leather (middle quality)
3. Genuine Leather (lowest quality)


The leather used by us in the process of production of our mobile cases comes from the most respected and oldest tanneries in Europe, many of them with over 150 years of experience in leather tanning. They create the highest quality of leather, tanned under good working conditions with care for the environment and with the use of the most modern technology in the leather industry.


The quality of leather used for the production of SURAZO accessories is what makes them so special and unique.

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